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All New Customers get 2 Weeks Free Delivery enter free delivery at checkout with $15 minimum
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About Us

When it comes to milk and other dairy products, there seems to be a lot that we as consumers don’t know. For example, where does it come from? How many miles did it travel before hitting the shelves of our local supermarkets? Even more importantly, what kind of conditions do the cows live in? Is the nutritious beverage that we all drank growing up and now give to our children and loved ones coming from cows that have been pumped with nasty pesticides, hormones and antibiotics? With Doo-Wops Delivery you never have to ask yourself these questions again! We provide Bergen County with locally sourced dairy products delivered straight to your door and best of all, you will always know everything there is to know about every single product you purchase!

As if the fear of not knowing what we and our children are ingesting wasn’t enough, there is another problem at play here. That is the death of our local dairy farmers. Back in 1970, there were about 650,000 dairy farms in the US and by 2017 that number had collapsed to around 40,000. The situation is so dire in fact, that suicide rates among US dairy farmers have hit all time highs. Mega corporations and poor legislative support have squeezed our local farmers to the brink of extinction. If we come together as a community though we can change this!

For these reasons we here at Doo-Wops Delivery have embarked on a quest to provide our customers with the best locally sourced dairy products while supporting our local farmers. As long time residents of Bergen County, we love our community and are determined to make sure that we do everything in our power to help our local producers survive. We are not just a milk delivery service, we are a movement of everyday people looking to make our communities a better place. We source exclusively from local farms in the Tri-state area and you will always know exactly what you are getting. Having the security of knowing exactly where, when and how your product ended up in your home while supporting our local farmers isn’t just a right that we all have it is our duty.


The Benefits of un-homogenized milk!

Homogenization is a mechanical process of crushing milk fats into deposits that are too small to rise to the top. This in turn produces a “homogenous” consistency in which milk is the same from top to bottom. After this process, the natural cream that is present at the time of milking the cow disappears, and along with it, many of the tremendous health benefits! According to RonnyBrook, “It is a process that can do serious damage. Instead of the milk fats being digested slowly as it moves through the digestive system, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the stomach bypassing normal digestive processes. It shocks the system and may even act as a toxin. Studies suggest that healthful enzymes that surround the fat are destroyed when milk is homogenized.

This is why RonnyBrook Farm insists that when it comes to whole milk, the only way to drink it is un-homogenized. They call it creamline milk! They pasteurize at the lowest approved temperatures which removes all the risks associated with raw milk yet maintains all the health benefits that milk directly from the cow provides.